Understand how we make Reviews smarter

In a nutshell: we make it easy for you to invite all of your customers to leave a review:  

  1. Before asking them to leave a review, we ask them if they are happy or unhappy with your service.  
  2. The happy customers we ask to review your service on services like Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, Yelp, Google, Facebook etc.  
  3. The unhappy customers we direct to your customer service so that you can make things right for them.

What Makes us Special?

We manage ALL of your reviews. From one unified dashboard.
Select the platforms that’s important for your business and:

  1. invite your customers to leave reviews on them
  2. see all of your reviews from all platforms in one place!

Collect reviews

Show that your a company with happy customers – on all the relevant platforms instead of just inviting to one platform.

Ask unhappy clients to contact you

Great customer service is to listen to your unhappy customers and fix the problems they encountered.
We make this easier than ever!

Show reviews on your website

Use our embeddable widgets to show reviews on your website. Select the review service you want to pull in reviews from and let us do the rest!

Automatic reminders

If your customers forget to review your service, we can remind them automatically.

Competitor intelligence

Compare your review performance with competitors, and stay one step ahead of them

Great for SEO

Increase click-throughs by adding review stars to your Google search results with Rich Snippets in our embeddable widgets

Making it smart!

We’ve put a lot of thougts into making BetterInvite smarter at collecting 5 star reviews…

The whole idea for BetterInvite came out of a need we had ourself and we built the first version together with our customers to make sure it works in the real world with real needs for better customer service and positive reviews online!

Easy to implement

We’ll help you to get BetterInvite working with your e-commerce system.
No setup fee!

We know how to get the most reviews

Use our experts to built your templates. We’ll know exactly how to tailor review invite mails to work the best.

Designed to be smarter

Never put all your eggs in one basket – and never ask for all of your reviews to only one platform.

Keep track of reviews

Real-time review notifications, so you never overlook a review.

Schema.org data

Show your 5 stars in Google. When you embed our widgets to show reviews they will also feed data to Google!

We done all the work with mail servers

We make sure our invite emails doens’t end up as spam by using services like Sendgrid.

Customize your invites

Our smart template builder allows you to create your very own invites – matching your company design.

GDPR compliant

Our system is designed to make GDPR easy. Learn more about how to do this.

“Our clients see a higher conversion rate when they get positive 5 star reviews all over the internet”

Since we started using BetterInvite for our e-commerce clients’ business, we have seen a better conversion rate for them. Collecting reviews on both Google, Facebook and Trustpilot is a no-brainer – nessesary for the business and easy as F*** with BetterInvite…

Andreas Randløv, Google Ads specialist hos AdNudging.com

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