The smartest and easiest way to invite your customers to leave a positive review on

BetterInvite makes it easier to invite your customers to leave a review on all the popular review platforms.

First, we ask your customers if they are satisfied with your service.

Based on their answer we either make it easy to contact your customer service/support to get help – or we ask them to leave a review on the platform they are most likely to have a user with.

Invite to more than just one review platform

If you only ask your customers to leave a review at one platform – your leaving all the other places open for mostly negative reviews.

When potential customers google your business name, they are likely to find more than one review platform; Trustpilot, Google MyBusiness and Facebook Reviews are often ranking high.

Making sure you get positive reviews to all of them, will harden your online reputation.

Take care of unhappy customers before they review

Before you ask your customers for a review; ask them if they’re happy or if there is something you need to help them with.

You can avoid most bad reviews online, if you simply ask your unhappy customers to give their complain to you first.

BetterInvite makes it easy for happy customers to leave a review right away and asks unhappy customers to complain directly to you so that you have a chance for make them happy – before them leave a review.

Higher trust and better conversions with 5 stars

Happy customers makes others trust your business. With BetterInvite it’s easy to get those 5 stars on all the review platforms available on the internet! 

Studies have found that positive reviews increase conversions and basket size. Start asking your happy customers to leave you reviews and see the reward on your bottom line.

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